Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Climate Gatecrashing

Lance Levson has an interesting piece on the possibilities of an inside job at CRU. It makes a lot of sense, but it still allows the possibility that the file was easy pickings for a browsing hacker. There are still some questions about the email timestamps (see comments in the original article as posted at which suggest some tampering; I disagree, its too easy to make mistakes with timestamps, particularly if you're also dealing with timezones different to the emails in question.

And (sigh) now we hear that Copenhagen has been derailed by grubby geopolitics as if that's any surprise. What a pathetic bunch of procreating scumbags, is it impossible that Australia is numbered among them? Well, if we're going to do sod all, let's be honest about it. Just remember the names and faces of the decisionmakers when (or if) the climate hits the ventilator. What are the odds that our new fearless Opposition Leader will make interesting noises about this? And why does he remind me of Sarah Palin?

Update: Australia is indeed one of the grubbies, but it appears the Guardian is telling porkies too. Tony Abbott is still the Sarah Palin of Oz politics.

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